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Explainer Videos

Typically 75 – 180 seconds in duration, an explainer video effectively tells three major things about your brand to your target audience –

a) What your offering is,

b) Why it is unique and 

c) Why should it be valued by them.

An Explainer video can multi-function as a landing page video, pitch presentation and as an intro video.

Event Invite Videos

These custom videos are designed to invite your specific audience, to attend your event that’s scheduled to take place in near future. Events may include- TradeShows, Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, Activations, Fairs, Launch, Workshops, Award Functions, Music Concerts, Marathons etc. 

Typically 30-60 seconds long, event invite videos help you create buzz and encourage early registrations.

Awareness Videos

Awareness videos typically are crafted to create awareness about a cause or an issue that needs to reach a community. Creating Awareness Videos is one of the most popular ways opted by Govt and Non-Govt bodies for creating social impact as these can be custom-made to reach any group of people from any strata of the society and, give great scope for sharing personal/social stories, guidance from experts etc.

Product/Process Demo

Product innovation is an ongoing process. Irrespective of the nature of your product (digital/non-digital), a product demo video typically illustrates all its major benefits and features, in a comprehensible manner.  A process demo video, on the other hand, illustrates the key steps of any process in a sequential manner. Visual demonstration of product features or a process, not only enhances comprehension, it also improves message retention.

Launch Videos

When launching a product, its introduction to its target audience should be as powerful as the product itself. Well crafted, dynamic Launch Videos help you introduce your new product or service or a new feature of an existing product/service, in an exciting manner.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos capture your customers’ experience, showcasing how they’ve benefitted from your offering. Customers could talk about the ease, convenience & quality that you’ve provided them with. Genuine, well produced testimonial videos on your site and social channels help you earn credibility and goodwill for your brand.

teaser Videos

These are trailer videos which give a sneak peek into the actual piece of work (a book, a movie etc) that’s going to be released in the near future. Typically, to create buzz around the work that’s ‘coming soon’.

Banner/Social media ADS

These are short 6-10 seconds looped animated Ads which are essentially used to put across quick one-line, few words messages, usually a call to action. Animated Banner/Social Media Ads are used for lead generation and/or for retargeting and for other similar digital marketing purposes.

Content based series

A series of videos can be produced on any subject matter. The purpose is to break a big idea or multiple correlated ideas into smaller ideas and turn those into a series. Episodic videos, released from time to time, help create audience engagement over an extended period of time. These videos usually have a visual theme running through the series. Study Material, Awareness Campaigns, Gigs, Training Modules, Reviews, Talks, Shows, Stories etc. – all could be turned into content based video series.

About Us

Effective communication takes place when a message is not only received as is intended to, it is also remembered by the audience for a significant period of time.

@Metaphor Videos, we’ve invested years in exploring the latest and most effective visual communication format i.e. video. We have mastered the art of crafting impactful marketing videos in animated and non-animated formats.  

Each video is a journey in itself and the journey begins when you share your thoughts around your video’s purpose & message. Milestone by milestone we develop your video concept at visual and verbal levels, ensuring that the core intended message goes out in a clear, correct, complete and engaging manner.

Over a span of 4 years, we’ve handcrafted 700+ animated and non-animated videos for clients across the globe, each year growing bigger and better.

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